Bridal Shop  was born out of a desire to support the creative vibe and the community of brides who are looking for a wedding that is anything but ordinary.


We are dedicated to the creation of beauty via the art of floral and event design. We believe weddings should be beautiful without feeling overdone. Less, but better! Our personal style embraces clean simplicity and elegance. We specialize in romantic, garden - inspired floral design to create an event that is tailored and thoughtful from the smallest detail to the overal impact.

Lana Yatsenko

We are bringing Lana Yatsenko magic to Warsaw! The delicate, subtle handmade details, freshness and elegance are all the esthetic signature of Lana Yatsenko brand. The Lana bride is feminine, has modern style with an appreciation for quality and process, a bride who wishes for a dress to tell her story, dreams & aspirations, a dress to fall in love with.

Cathy Telle 

Loving their romantic interpretation of a wedding gown, we are happy to  present the Cathy Telle brand in Poland. Cathy Telle has extensive experience creating a dream dress for the brides who relate to the romantic style and wandering spirit. Now you can find your perfect custom made wedding gown at our showroom in Warsaw.

Floral design

Our philosophy is that floral arangement should feel natural and evoke the felling of freshly gathered garden flowers, with all their natural variations and textures. We help our bride to enhance her appearance with bouquet inspired by nature for a breathtaking experience on her wedding day. We create romantic and timeless celebrations that are as approachable as they are elegant.